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4 panel image of people voting, people holding yes, no, don't know signs, cartoon about polling trust, map of usa with colored precincts

The Citrin Award Lecture is an annual event of the Jack Citrin Center for Public Opinion Research. The Citrin Award recognizes the career of an individual who has made significant contributions to the study and understanding of public opinion. The honoree is selected by the Executive Committee of the Center and is invited to deliver a lecture in recognition of this Award. In 2018, the Award was presented to Professor Donald Kinder of the University of Michigan, a renowned scholar of public opinion and authors of several seminal books on the topic. The 2019 Citrin Award honors the career of Peter Hart who has more than forty years pioneered the study of polling in campaigns through both innovative qualitative research to uncover the meaning of stated opinions and to measure reactions to candidates, issues and events through rigorous quantitative polls.

Every year the Citrin Center holds a one day conference on a topic of national or international relevance that entails understanding of public opinion. The Citrin Conference brings to Berkeley leading scholars to report on their research and its implications for policy and events. The 2018 conference centered on the decline of political trust and the rise of populism against the backdrop of the Trump Presidency. The 2019 Conference chosen topic is Gender and Politics and the speakers will be the up and coming researchers on this topic and will also include remarks from political campaign consultants on races that include female candidates. The Faculty Executive Committee of the Center selects the annual topic and speakers with a focus on relevance, systematic evidence, and leading scholars as participants.

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