The Political Science of the 2024 Primaries

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Primary elections have been blamed for polarization, criticized for being overly influenced by elites, and the frequent target of reform efforts. This panel will bring together top experts on US primary elections to share their research and consider what it means for the 2024 primaries. For example: How much do primaries contribute to polarization? How do voters select candidates in primaries? How do political elites affect who runs and who wins? How much does “electability” matter, and how do voters decide who is “electable”? How has the primary process changed, and if we changed the rules again, would primaries be more fair? And are these answers different for presidential primaries versus critical down-ballot elections?

The Citrin Center is excited to host Teaching Professor Terri Bimes, Professor Elaine Kamarck, Assistant Professor Jasmine Smith, Associate Professor Hans Hassell, & Ph.D. Candidate Jacqueline Colao for a a panel discussion on the 2024 Primaries.

Friday, January 26, 2024, 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm PST
Social Science Matrix conference room, 820 Social Sciences Building, UC Berkeley